Business Value of Certification

Increased productivity

Compared to those without certifications, certified employees are 17% more productive across core IT activities. They can mentor uncertified team members, boosting overall productivity. Microsoft Certified employees are more apt to be current in their field, and are fast learners in adapting to evolving technologies.

“Technology out there is changing; the shift to cloud-based computing is a complete paradigm shift from what we’re used to over the last 10 years. The MCSE in the private cloud really takes that onboard and ensures that anyone with that certification has the skills and knowledge to tackle all of these IT projects coming in over the next five years”. —Andy McMurray, IT Pro | Australia

Improved risk mitigation

Certified employees make for a 56% reduction in unplanned downtime when problems arise. That’s because certified team members are better equipped to respond, translating into faster diagnosis of problems, a reduction in the severity and duration of outages, and greater systems resiliency in the midst of challenges.

“We’re always judged by our peers in our industry. [Certification] is a great way to show legitimate competency in your skill set, and to prove to other people you have what it takes to do the work”. —James Cradit, Client Systems Engineering Manager | Portland, Oregon

Better business agility

Hiring certified employees is good for the bottom line. Certified employees produce solutions quickly and spend less time getting up to speed. This translates to a 58% improved time-to-market and two-thirds more applications delivered on-budget (savings that can be reinvested into your company).

“I want to get my MCSE not only because it looks good on paper, but it also helps companies like the one I work for attract clients and brand new business”. —Curt McNamee, Active Directory Engineer | Washington

Sustainable hiring

Certified employees are generally more satisfied with their jobs and enjoy tenures that are 15% longer than uncertified employees. They’ve proven to take on more responsibilities, advance quickly, and onboard faster once hired—one month earlier, on average. By creating a culture that values continuous learning and demonstrating growth through certification, you can continue to retain your skilled staff.

Certifications have helped me move up from technical engineer back in ’99 to being a managing partner for a company of 28 highly skilled consultants nowadays”. —Peter De Tinder, Infrastructure Architect | Belgium

Don’t just take our word for it, download the IDC White Paper

Most of the statistics mentioned here came from a study conducted by IDC and sponsored by Microsoft. For a deeper dive and to learn more about the value of hiring Microsoft Certified IT employees, download The Business Value of IT Certification Analysis.