Embracing Change

“The world is changing fast, so it is important that you change with it.”
Matthew Bennett, Director – MBIT Training Ltd (© 2014)

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Many of us are advocates for change, but for most of us in the modern society we embrace it. Likewise our companies often have forces ensuring that we adapt and develop to survive and to thrive. For this we need to keep up with the pace of change.

This has never been moreso than with IT. For delegates it is a win-win scenario. The delegate enjoys learning so that they can impart the latest skills and techniques. By so doing the HR Manager gets training which is often reduced in price through subsidies not to mention discounts where these can be offered, but quality CAN be assured as where applicable our courses meet ISO 17024 quality standards. This means that since 2012 the delegate has to retake their exam associated with the course on a regular basis (2 years for Software Development and 3 years for general IT). This ensures that knowledge keeps abreast with technology. 

For the delegate, some companies attract the best by requiring certifications on a candidates’ CV. Not only that but by completing certificate pathways the delegate gets globally recognised industry accreditation from the vendor. Delegates are able then to use the latest skills and techniques to keep our networks secure, to increase productivity and to provide solutions to key problems.

The delegate however is constantly hounded by the concern that their contract may draw to a close, also that they may be replaced by other, more qualified and experienced candidates should they not manage to keep up with the pace of change.

We offer complete managed solutions: from first advising on your learning journey and selecting the most relevant course, through classroom delivery to get the delegate to a point where they are comfortable with the knowledge imparted. 

We also offer 3 months of technical support to your delegates to prep them as they get ready for certification.

There should be no reason not to pass an exam for the person who is prepared.