Dynamics 365 Pre-Sales bundle

Dynamics 365 Pre-Sales bundle
Manufacturer: Microsoft
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Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (81066)
This Digital Course provides insight on the components within the Customer Service module to put customer service at the forefront of an organization’s intelligent customer engagement strategy.

This course provides information on the basic concepts of Microsoft Dynamics 365. It discusses some of the terms, concepts and many of the components that make up the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. In addition, it provides an overview of information about application navigation, setting up accounts, contacts and activities, using the sales, customer service, and marketing processes within Microsoft Dynamics 365, as well as some of the features and functionalities related to Operations.

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Microsoft Social Engagement (81142)
This Digital Learning course provides great insight into your social media footprint. In this course, you will not only learn how to build search queries, you will also learn how to navigate Social Engagement to get the most out of it. Additionally, you will learn about different strategies for managing your social presence.
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Designing XRM Customizations in Dynamics 365 (81269)
When you begin to customize a Dynamics 365 environment, it is important to ensure that your organization has the Entities, Fields, and other database schema elements that it needs to be effective. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a variety of tools available that can assist in this process. This course will show you how to create and customize Dynamics 365 entities, fields, and how to create relationships between entities. It will demonstrate how you can use items like calculated and rollup fields to provide custom functionality, and finally it demonstrates how solutions can be leveraged to group and package customizations together to make it easy to transport them from one environment to another.
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Process Automation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (81271)
Many Organizations have specific business processes and procedures that they use to ensure that business is being conducted the way that they want. It is extremely important that any customer engagement application has the flexibility to incorporate and automate those business processes. This course will show you how you can leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 process automation tools such as workflows, and custom actions to accomplish this. It will demonstrate how to build Business Process Flows that can be used to guide your users through your specific business processes.
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Picture of Customizing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Interface (81270)
Customizing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Interface (81270)
Every organization that implements Dynamics 365 will have different needs and expectation on how the information in the application should be presented and interacted with by its users. Dynamics 365 provides several tools that can be used to help deliver these specific items to users. This course shows how you can customize Dynamics 365 forms to contain the specific items that users need, as well as how to modify the way they are presented and limit access to specific forms to certain users. It also shows how you can create custom charts and dashboards to control what and how information is presented to users. It also explores how items like Business Rules and Theming tools can be used to further provide a custom user experience.
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