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Companies may choose not to look at every module making up a particular course, but may need assistance in one or a few particular things. 

We are keen to work with companies by offering 'Lite Byte' courses. These are typically 1 - 2 hours in length and cover a specific aim. These are modules taken from our expansive range of material covering exactly what you need to know.

Are you faced with a difficult IT problem? Would rather your team hows why the system works the way that it does, but do not want to cover every aspect?

If you can't afford the time to release your staff for a whole week's training why not hire a trainer for the day to cover a few key points.

'Lite Bytes' are a selection of 'Bite-size' courses of different areas and aspects of IT, chosen by you to meet your business needs. Material is taught by expert trainers with experience in the topic areas you have asked for and where available official courseware is also used to support training.

Please go ahead and add courses which are right for you to build up your own.

NB: TERMS APPLY. Please use the shopping basket to create your own list, but contact our sales team first to determine if your selections are viable. Courses in this section are measured in hours. Where possible please list the location, date and ensure that each day is no longer than 8 hours in length. Minimum package: 1 day training (or 4 modules).

Prices are per course, per delegate.