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Creating and Consuming ASP.NET Web API Services (20487M3)

* HTTP Services * Creating an ASP.NET Web API Service * Handling HTTP Requests and Respo...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Creating Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Services (20487M5)

* Advantages of Creating Services with WCF * Creating and Implementing a Contract * Conf...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Deploying Services (20487M8)

* Web Deployment with Visual Studio * Creating and Deploying Web Application Packages * ...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Designing and Extending WCF Services (20487M13)

* Applying Design Principles to Service Contracts * Handling Distributed Transactions * ...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Extending and Securing ASP.NET Web API Services (20487M4)

* The ASP.NET Web API Pipeline * Creating OData Services * Implementing Security in ASP....
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Hosting Services (20487M6)

* Hosting Services On-Premises * Hosting Services in Windows Azure * Lab : Hosting Servi...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Identity Management and Access Control (20487M11)

* Claims-based Identity Concepts * Using the Windows Azure Access Control Service * Conf...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Implementing Security in WCF Services (20487M14)

* Introduction to Web Services Security * Transport Security * Message Security * Confi...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Monitoring and Diagnostics (20487M10)

* Performing Diagnostics by Using Tracing * Configuring Service Diagnostics * Monitoring...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Overview of service and cloud technologies (20487M1)

* Key Components of Distributed Applications * Data and Data Access Technologies * Servi...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax