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Adding Offline Support to Web Applications (20480M9)

* Reading and Writing Data Locally * Adding Offline Support by Using the Application Cach...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Animating the User Interface (20480M12)

* Applying CSS Transitions * Transforming Elements * Applying CSS Key-frame Animations ...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Communicating with a Remote Data Source (20480M5)

* Sending and Receiving Data by Using XMLHTTPRequest * Sending and Receiving Data by Usin...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Creating a Web Worker Process (20480M14)

* Introduction to Web Workers * Performing Asynchronous Processing by Using a Web Worker ...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Creating Advanced Graphics with Canvas and SVG (20480M11)

* Creating Interactive Graphics by Using Scalable Vector Graphics * Programmatically Draw...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Creating and Styling HTML5 Pages (20480M2)

* Creating an HTML5 Page * Styling an HTML5 Page * Lab: Creating and Styling HTML5 Pages
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Creating Forms to Collect Data and Validate User Input (20480M4)

* Overview of Forms and Input Types * Validating User Input by Using HTML5 Attributes * ...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Creating Interactive Pages using HTML5 APIs (20480M8)

* Interacting with Files * Incorporating Multimedia * Reacting to Browser Location and C...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Creating Objects and Methods by Using JavaScript (20480M7)

* Writing Well-Structured JavaScript * Creating Custom Objects * Extending Objects * La...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Implementing an Adaptive User Interface (20480M10)

* Supporting Multiple Form Factors * Creating an Adaptive User Interface * Lab: Implemen...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax