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Course: Programming Fundamentals of Web Applications (10958)

This course provides the key skills and knowledge to develop web applications by using Microsoft Visual Studio and WebMatrix 2 so you can understand how to develop basic web concepts.
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Applicable for: Application Developer, Data Analyst, Programmer
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Microsoft Course 10958 is a 5 day course which helps students gain key knowledge and skills required to develop web applications by using Microsoft Visual Studio and WebMatrix 2. This course will give an in depth view on how to develop concepts, use exsisting applications from the Application Gallery and use basicv web development such as; CSS, Plug-ins, Scripting, Basic Data Access and Application Hosting.

At course Completion you will learn:

  • Describe the components of Microsoft web technologies that developers can use to host websites, host data, run code, and develop code.
  • Describe how a website is developed, including the planning, development, testing, iteration and release phases and how to use WebMatrix 2 in each phase.
  • Create a website by using WebMatrix 2 and add dynamic webpages to enable user interaction.
  • Describe how to store data in a database and display it on a WebMatrix 2 site to create a dynamic web application.
  • Integrate images, audio files, video files, and other media into a web application for different browsers.
  • Apply a consistent visual style and user-friendly navigation hierarchy to a website.
  • Describe possible locations for hosting a production website and deploy a completed website to a chosen hosting provider.
  • Describe the common sources of website errors and use WebMatrix 2 tools and coding techniques to diagnose problems and correct code.
  • Integrate information supplied from web services, data feeds, RESTful services, and other sources into a web application.
  • Browse the packages available in the NuGet tool, select a package that matches a functional requirement, add it to a web application, and write code that uses the features of the package.
  • Ensure a website is secure against malicious attacks and identify users before granting them access to sensitive content.
  • Describe how client-side coding techniques accelerate responses to users and reduce network traffic for a website, and use common client-side coding techniques.
  • Analyze the user traffic on a public website and optimize the site to appear close to the top of search engine results.
  • Create a fully functional website by beginning with an application from the WebMatrix 2 application gallery and adding features to meet unusual or unique customer requirements.
  • Describe the features of Visual Studio and ASP.NET Web Forms that enable developers to create more powerful web applications.

Course Requirements:

Students looking to take this course (10958) must already have the following technical knowledge:

  • Knowledge of HTML or DHTML, including:
  • Tables
  • Images
  • Forms
  • Programming experience including the following concepts:
  • Declaring variables
  • Using loops
  • Using conditional statements

Ideal for: Entry-level Developers, Web Developers, Web Application Developers.