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Programming - VB.Net

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Building and Enumerating Custom Collection Classes (10550M13)

* Implementing a Custom Collection Class * Adding an Enumerator to a Custom Collection Cl...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Creating New Types (10550M6)

* Creating and Using Modules and Enumerations * Creating and Using Classes * Creating an...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Declaring and Calling Methods (10550M3)

* Defining and Invoking Methods * Specifying Optional Parameters and * Output Parameters ...
£30.00 (GBP) excl tax

Decoupling Methods and Handling Events (10550M11)

* Declaring and Using Delegates * Using Lambda Expressions * Handling Events * Lab: Dec...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Encapsulating Data and Defining Overloaded Operators (10550M10)

* Creating and Using Properties * Creating and Using Indexers * Overloading Operators *...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Encapsulating Data and Methods (10550M7)

* Controlling Visibility of Type Members * Sharing Methods and Data * Lab: Encapsulating...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Handling Exceptions (10550M4)

* Handling Exceptions * Raising Exceptions * Lab: Handling Exceptions
£30.00 (GBP) excl tax

Inheriting from Classes and Implementing Interfaces (10550M8)

* Using Inheritance to Define New Reference Types * Defining and Implementing Interfaces ...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Integrating Visual Basic Code with Dynamic Languages and COM Components (10550M15)

* Using the LINQ Extension Methods and Query Operators * Building Dynamic LINQ Queries an...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax

Introducing Visual Basic and the .NET Framework (10550M1)

* Introduction to the .NET Framework * Creating Projects Within Visual Studio * Writing ...
£40.00 (GBP) excl tax