Retail Call Center in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8 (80719)

​This e-Learning course provides students with the necessary tools and resources to learn about the features and functionality that are completed in the Call Center module.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
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Delivery: Blended learning
OR On-site (Private delivery)
Minimum number of delegates: 1:1
Maximum class size: 20
Delivery date: (as requested by customer)
Offers: contact for details however 20% consecutive discount on all group bookings.
Next availability: Immediate
Applicable for: Application Developer, Data Analyst, Programmer
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​This e-Learning course provides students with the necessary tools and resources to learn about the features and functionality that are completed in the Call Center module.

Format: Blended learning for on-site, private delivery. A combination of e-learning with trainer input from a Microsoft Certified Trainer.


  • Discuss call centers and catalogs in AX
  • Describe how to setup pricing and discounts on items
  • Review how to manage customer relations in AX
  • Review the setup for retail product management
  • Demonstrate sales order management features
  • Set up payment management in AX
  • Walkthrough setup for returns and return authorization
  • Explain the use and features of continuity programs
  • Create and use order holds and fraud checking
  • Set up and use the direct delivery workbench
  • Review and use the picking workbench
  • Overview reports and inquiries relating to call center
  • Describe the features available in AX for retailers
  • Review the architecture for retail functionality
  • Review key concepts and terminology
  • Review user interface for headquarters, enterprise POS
  • Review user interface for modern POS, and Enterprise Portal
  • Describe Commerce Data Exchange and Commerce Run Time
  • Describe Real Time Service
  • Walkthrough the configuration process for call centers
  • Demonstrate how to add channel users
  • Demonstrate how to create an email notification profile
  • Demonstrate how to set up delivery modes for call center
  • Review the process for setting up a catalog
  • Discuss the source code setup process
  • Demonstrate how to create a target market
  • Review the catalog pages set up options
  • Discuss the benefits of using scripts
  • Demonstrate how to use scripts in the call center
  • Review the call center parameters
  • Describe the pricing and discounting features
  • Create a price group
  • Create a coupon and apply it to an order
  • Set up margin alerts
  • Set up price overrides
  • Explain price details
  • Review the full text search capabilities
  • Explore the customer service features
  • Walkthrough how to create customers
  • Discuss the duplicate checking methods
  • Demonstrate how to merge and unmerge customers
  • Discuss cases and hot alerts
  • Discuss the change of address file support
  • Walk through the product creation process
  • Review how to create up-sell and cross-sell items
  • Explain supplementary item management
  • Cover setup and maintenance of gift certificates
  • Review setup and maintenance of gift cards
  • Demonstrate how to perform a customer search
  • Demonstrate how to perform an item search
  • Review the detailed statuses
  • Discuss sales order header view and line view
  • Review the item inquiry options
  • Demonstrate how to create an order note on a sales order
  • Discuss sales order access
  • Walkthrough the sales order cancellation process
  • Demonstrate price matching
  • Demonstrate how to perform a sales order history purge
  • Explore order events
  • Set up methods of payment
  • Set up credit card vendors
  • Demonstrate the credit card processor setup
  • Create payments on sales orders
  • Review the various payment statuses
  • Utilize prepayments on a sales order
  • Walkthrough installment billing
  • Set up installment plans
  • Add installments to a sales order
  • Review periodic processes for installment billing
  • Use the credit card workbenches
  • Use the refund check workbenches
  • Set up and use check holds
  • Set up and use over/under payment checking
  • Set up and use credit limit checking
  • Take a look at payment history
  • Discuss the returns and RMAs process
  • Review the call center return parameters
  • Demonstrate how to create an RMA
  • Walkthrough how to process RMAs in the warehouse
  • Discuss continuity programs
  • Demonstrate the parameters setup
  • Create a continuity program
  • Explain continuity updates
  • Create sales orders with continuity
  • Explain continuity processes
  • Cover periodic processes
  • Review the order holds codes form
  • Discuss reason codes
  • Define call center parameters for holds
  • Review the process for setting up fraud rules
  • Review how to create static date for fraud checking
  • Demonstrate how to create Variables for fraud checking
  • Discuss how to create conditions for fraud checking
  • Review how to create rules for fraud checking
  • Walkthrough how to place an order on hold manually
  • Review the sales order holds workbench
  • Review clearing holds
  • Walkthrough how to check holds in and out
  • Review the picking workbench process
  • Discuss the picking setup
  • Demonstrate how to create a workbench profile
  • Walkthrough how to generate picking lists
  • Demonstrate how to generate picking workbench sessions
  • View and refresh customer item statistics
  • Review and configure RFM scoring
  • Print the Expired credit cards for open orders report
  • Show the Direct delivery report
  • Review catalog requests
  • View the Price override report
  • Discuss the Order hold report
  • View backordered items
  • Show the coupon report


  • General knowledge of Microsoft Windows
  • General knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
  • The ability to use Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for basic processing
  • Basic knowledge of Retail Application Functionality