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MBIT Training Ltd - Terms and Conditions

CLASSROOM BOOKINGS - IMPORTANT!  Please do not proceed to book a course without discussing availability with our sales team first. The bookings are approved to run only if there are sufficient delegates to justify the cost of running the course at the venue. We are also restructed by available meeting and training space at our venue and need to check with our venue providers to ensure that we can run the course on the date and venue you have requested. Please work with us to find an alternative venue and date if we are unable to schedule your request. 


Terms used in this document:

The Customer – a manager, or person representing the company the employee attending the training event works for. This may be a Personnel representative or Line Manager who has authority to make the booking and deal with company payments.

The Delegate – this is not usually the Customer. The Delegate is the employee attending the training event. The Customer is making the booking for the Delegate.

The Provider – also known as ‘the company’, this is MBIT Training Ltd staff including training personnel, bookings team, sales and marketing team and any other persons representing MBIT Training Ltd to the Customer and Delegate.

The Vendor – the provider of course materials, also examinations where applicable to the Delegate. For official courses the Provider acts on advice, guidance and instructions (IAG) from the Vendor to ensure that the correct procedures are followed, and the correct information imparted. Quality of course materials is assessed by and monitored by the Vendor.

MBIT Training Ltd have a duty of care to the Vendor to ensure that information conveyed and also the means of conveying information to the delegate is correct and to IAG provided by the Vendor. This overrides all other priorities including the requirements of the Customer.

Delegate feedback is used to feed back into our training delivery and strategic vision. Customer feedback is used to help to better understand customer requirements and align the correct courses to the Delegates' needs. MBIT Training Ltd will from time to time offer consultancy or bespoke training, but this is not our core business. Our core business is to provide training based on course materials, information advice and guidance (IAG) provided by the Vendor.

A Customer may not alter or anticipate the adaptation of an official course being delivered, whether private or public, to meet their internal requirements. It is therefore important that our sales team work with the Customer to choose the most suitable course. Bespoke training can be offered, but is must be clear during the initial sales discussions that tailored / bespoke training is required.

NB: Tailored training will not qualify a Delegate to be accredited as components and objectives needed to pass the exam may be omitted.

If a Customer is dissatisfied that the course did not meet their organisation requirements and yet the training has been provided, the matter is a discrepancy between the Customer's expectations and the vendor IAG and materials provided. MBIT Training Ltd is a 'conduit for delivery' and as such provide courseware and training on an 'as is' basis, reliant on the materials provided by our Vendor.

For example, a delegate may need to take a series of training courses and exams to attain a professional programme accreditation but decides to miss a course, as determined by the industry roadmap. MBIT Training Ltd may encourage the Customer to ensure that the Delegate attends the missing course before allowing the Delegate to be booked onto a further course.


Booking a course:


Please note that MBIT Training Ltd is a VAT registered company. All prices are published excluding value added tax (VAT). VAT is payable on all items regardless of the geographic location of the Customer. At present MBIT Training operates in England and Wales however package deals for European and Ireland business customers can be considered.

The Customer is obligated to ensure that they are able to travel to the appointed training location. The point of supply for VAT purposes is the location that the course takes place. Where this is on-site at the customer’s offices the expectation is that the venue will be appropriately furnished to serve as the course. Where virtual labs are used as part of on-site or classroom training, it will be necessary to perform bandwidth tests before the location can be agreed as suitable by both parties.

The course price may contain the following items but the customer is recommended to check with the sales team for items which form part of the training package. The published prices do not include any travel, accommodation or living expenses which the delegates may incur in attending unless specifically mentioned on the training booking agreement. All pricing quotations are valid only for 7 days from the date they are first sent to the Customer. Training items may include elements such as (each course will differ based on need and Vendor requirements):

•         Laptop supplied by MBIT for the duration of the course (or supplied by client on certain courses – check for course requirements before the commencement of booking).

•         Course materials (stationery and course book, or PDF e-book)

•         Exam voucher (if supplied as part of the package – check for course requirements)

•         Exam paper where paper exams are used.

•         Exam proctor registered with the examination board to undertake the registered examination session.

•         Qualified trainer holding the necessary skills and experience to administer the course. The trainer holds a training certification recognised by the Vendor.

•         A virtual labs account with the lab provider. The account will run for at least the duration of the course.


Training items do not include:

•         Access to videos, supporting documents or presentation slides used by the trainer due copyright and licensing restrictions.

•         Access to third-party materials licensed only for use by the trainer directly, or to MBIT Training Ltd.




Course fees are inclusive of VAT. MBIT Training Ltd is a VAT registered company, registration number 204 4493 30.

Payments are payable 20 working days before the commencement of the course. Where payment also includes bank charges, or credit card transaction charges the Customer is responsible for payment of these. The preferred payment system is PayPal for individuals and electronic bank transfer for corporate clients who will be sent a pro-forma invoice containing the bank payment details.

For business customers, invoicing payment is typically 14 days from the date of the invoice to full payment of the invoice by the Customer. We acknowledge that the statutory period is 28 days however also reserve the right to ask for upfront payment on all of our products and services. If you have an existing account with us, then payment terms can be negotiated with our Finance team.

Before paying, we would ask that you contact our sales team first to discuss your requirements. We reserve the right to decline a booking if we deem that the course is unsuitable for the Customer. This is due to the fact that training is offered as part of a ‘roadmap’ sequence of training and the level of complexity for a specific course may not match the skill or experience level of the Customer. We carry out a pre-course survey and an informal discussion with our sales team who are experienced in the aims and objectives for every course we offer and can advise the most suitable programme for you.

We try to avoid the situation where a Customer would pay late. If you are unable to pay before the commencement of the course date, your place on the course will be filled by another Delegate provided by a different Customer. Where payment was not received the order will be amended and another suitable date discussed with the Customer at which point payment will be requested for this future date. Where the place on the original course is held and there is a delay in making payment in good time, a late payment charge set 5% over the Bank of England base rate will be required to also be paid prior to commencement of the course. This is to cover the additional risk and administration be our booking team. Payments can be made by bank transfer or PayPal.

As detailed above, for business customers, we will invoice for work prior to the commencement of the course. Again, the course fees must be paid in full before the commencement of the course. A purchase order (PO) and reference number, also event number will be issued to you. Please state the purchase order number, event code, location, course date, and contact details during any correspondence with us to ensure that we can appropriately track the correct booking. Bookings are for each sole event, so if you do wish to book a series of courses, provisional interest can be raised however each will be issued with separate PO numbers, event codes and will appear on separate invoices. Each invoice will tally with one specific event code.

In the unlikely scenario where an invoice has not been paid before the course start date, we reserve the right to refuse the delegate(s) entry to the course and also to advise of a future course date where the delegate can attend the course. Please be mindful that the further course may be in a nearby location and not the same city as the original booking. We kindly ask that you contact our booking team to ensure that an appropriate venue and timescale is agreed. Please be aware that corporate employees subject to Continuing Professional Development will have a rigid timescale to be able to fit training in around their busy schedules. It is therefore important for both parties that the delegates is not encumbered. Where the invoice has been paid in part, or we have agreed for the Delegate to attend the original course, the invoice in question will still need to be paid in full and we would ask that you notify our payments team to ensure a suitable timescale. Any examinations taken as part of the course will not be processed and results withheld until all payments have been made in full.

When you make a booking you put in place a series of events in which MBIT Training Ltd takes financial obligations to run the training course. This may include:

•         Registration of the event with examination / Vendor authorities

•         Booking the training / meeting room

•         Hire of equipment

•         Purchase of virtual labs and courseware

•         Hire of a specialist trainer for the event

The cancellation of these will have a direct financial impact as cancellation fees will be levied to us. These cancellation fees will be met in the main by our own costs however we do reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee to the Customer. Cancellations are immediately payable upon invoice. At the minimum rate a cancellation fee may be a small cost to cover administration costs, but may be larger dependent on the extent to which the course was prepared and the amount of materials and services needed to run the course. Whilst there is a cancellation, or late payment scenario the settlement of these override any other terms of business or training requests made by the Customer. A course may be cancelled up to 7 days prior to delivery however if courseware has already been purchased these costs will be passed on to the customer. Cancellations within 7 days or less will incur 100% of the total cost of the invoice.

After payment has been made, the customer is signing to the responsibility of the delegates as meeting the expected practice of delegates as referred to in our terms and conditions. The expected code of practice for all parties is detailed below:




1.1.   Payment is to be made within 20 working days of placing the order. We do not accept long payment terms. (Our payment terms to our suppliers is 14 days although with supplier agreement is a maximum of 28 days, which is the statutory minimum in the UK.)

1.2.   A contact name, address, email and direct line phone number is supplied for the person responsible for the booking

1.3.   That any booking is already in line with any CPD arrangements and requirements agreed internally between the person placing the order (known as the Customer), the delegate (the employee), their Line Manager and Personnel team.

1.4.   MBIT Training Ltd will provide evidence of where our training course meets the requirements indicated in the delegates’ CPD arrangements.

1.5.   MBIT Training Ltd will provide a named individual from the bookings team, a sales contact number and email address, a Purchase Order reference number, event code, location, duration and discuss course requirements with you.

1.6.   All correspondence by all parties is with the best interests of the course Vendor in mind as paramount. Secondly, we express and support the interests of MBIT Training Ltd as service Provider. Thirdly we express and support the interests of the Delegate as trainee.

1.7.   MBIT Training Ltd has no interest in organisational, social or political matters. We will work with charities and organisations of any kind and size. We are a training service provider solely interested in the use of technical content, products and services correctly as deemed by the product provider who is also the training content provider (known here as the Vendor). We do however support projects which are philanthropic, provide positive social, technical or commercial change.

e.g. a company is heavily compartmentalised with its SharePoint team split with operational (i.e. page management and editorial) and technical (i.e. the network management team). MBIT offers an end user Microsoft SharePoint MOS course and exam for the end users and the MCSD SharePoint: Web Applications route for Software Development Specialists and the MCSE: SharePoint route for network specialists. It would not be appropriate for an End User (page management and editorial) to sit as a delegate in an MCSE – level course.


For all Delegates:



2.1.   We kindly ask that you are professional and respectful to our staff and trainers at all times.

2.2.   We kindly ask you to complete an evaluation at the end of the course. Please do try to specify the positive aspects of the course. We are hoping to always improve our course for others. Please tell us aspects of the course that you enjoyed and are pleased to have engaged with. Please note that a negative evaluation does not entitle the Customer to demand a refund and may lead to an investigation by our team into the training which is stressful and not productive for all concerned. The Delegate may be asked to justify their remarks and the Trainer will equally be questioned as to the event. Wherever possible we respectfully request that the Delegate works proactively with the Trainer throughout the course.

2.3.   Tea and coffee will be supplied throughout the course.

2.4.   Lunch will only be provided on certain courses at the discretion of the booking manager, where this has been agreed as part of the package. All of our venues are with in commutable distance of food retailers.


Purchase Order/ identification number:


A Purchase Order is deemed by MBIT Training Ltd as a legal offer to buy products or services. It is the confirmation of an order and is bound by the cancellation & re-scheduling elements described above in this document.


Cancellations non website orders:


In order to cancel a course, we would need to receive written cancellation, or an email from the Customer. This instruction would need to be received at least 20 working days before the start date of the course, otherwise actions taken by MBIT Training Ltd to prepare for the course will be taken into account and cancelation fees levied and passed on to the Customer. For written cancellations, please write to – Bookings Manager, MBIT Training Ltd. BasePoint Business Centre, Oakfield Close, Tewkesbury Business Park, Tewkesbury. GL20 8SD. For email correspondence, address to: sales@mbittrainingltd.com


Re-scheduling courses or exams:


If the delegates cannot make the appointed time and place, a rescheduling fee will be charged. Details of this charge will be provided by your account manager.




Where a refund was made to MBIT Training Ltd.’s account, a refund may take up to 28 working days to be processed. We prioritise bookings and this takes up a great deal of effort for our teams. Refunds will be processed using the same payment method as the original payment. Upon paying a deposit towards the course, you are contracted to pay the confirmed course fee at the time of booking. MBIT Training Ltd do reserve the right to change prices at any time at their discretion, however unlike our competitors, we honour the agreed original price if a booking has already been agreed in principle, even if we incur a loss as a result.

By paying a deposit, the Customer is ‘de facto’ adhering the Delegate to MBIT Training Ltd.’s terms and conditions. MBIT Training Ltd will not be liable for any fluctuation caused by exchange rates, bank charges for overseas refund transactions.

MBIT Training Ltd vouchers and gift cards are valid for up to a maximum of 12 months from the date of the order. These are tied to the Customer (organisation who paid for the voucher / gift card) and are redeemable from any employee of that organisation.

Course examination voucher purchases are non-refundable as these are tied to the Delegate.




We have a separate Return and Refund policy which is available here.


Deferring of Practitioner Examinations:


Occasionally an individual delegate may wish, for personal reasons, to defer an examination to a later date. We agree that the examination in the case of CompTIA, Microsoft of other IT technical exams should take place only after a period of contemplation, revision and managed study by the use of practice tests. We offer such tests. Please contact us if we can be of help with this.

In the case of Project Management exams or other courses where the exam is tied to content learned solely within the training programme, we are confident that the Delegate can proceed to book their exam as part of the training event, where Vendor advice is for this to take place. We therefore do not consider examination deferrals and will simply conduct the examination as part of the package. We only accept deferrals of ‘package exams’ where there is a personal need which cannot be met by the trainer on the day (e.g. the delegate is emotionally upset due to other unrelated issues and is not in a position to sit an exam). The sitting of the exam on the day is up to the discretion of the trainer. In the case where there are personal reasons (e.g. bereavement, where the Customer is satisfied that this information provided by the delegate to the Customer and to the Personnel team is correct) for not sitting a packaged exam, the costs for rescheduling the exam will be met by MBIT Training Ltd and will not be passed on to the Customer, as a goodwill gesture.


Changes to Courses:


Given the fact that we rely on content supplied from our vendors, there will be regular changes to our courses. The majority of our courses comply with ISO 17024 Quality Management standards and therefore have a time limit of 3 years before being considered ‘out of date’ (2 years for Software Development / Programming courses). As a Customer you are obligated to understand that we always offer the current and most recent version of the course in question and as a result take advice from Vendors and trainers on every course. We trust our trainers completely with their subject knowledge because they have demonstrated to us that they are proficient in their subject content. This may be met by passing an exam, by interview, or by experience.

NB: It is a Vendor requirement that trainers hold relevant training certification (e.g. IfL, QTS, QTLS, or Microsoft Certified Trainer). Certain Vendors require that the trainer has passed the relevant exam however this is not always the case. Most courses only indicate that it is a recommendation that trainers have passed the exam. The passing of an exam is not in itself considered by us to be a metric used to decide the suitability of the trainer. MBIT Training Ltd interview training staff and undertake evaluations of their suitability to provide course materials. A trainer is not expected to have knowledge or skills beyond the requirements of the course being delivered - the trainer's sole responsibility is to deliver the course 'as is'. If they are able to provide added value, this is encouraged, but not a requirement and therefore if the trainer focusses solely on the vendor materials we perceive that they should not be penalised by the Delegate in their evaluation. Delegate evaluations should be objective and are scoring the course, venue and its suitability to their role.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts things do go wrong, or changes are so significant and important that we cannot proceed with the ascribed course. MBIT Training Ltd reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any course and will advise the customer as soon as the change is known.

Where the course is impeded from running by trainer sickness, we will make every effort to replace the trainer rather than cancelling the course given the other costs involved in booking the room, courseware, etc. We kindly ask that you are supportive in working with your replacement trainer who will be trying their best to make the course work in the time that they have available. Please rest assured that this is a rare occurrence outside of the powers of MBIT Training Ltd to control.

If the course seating is considered by our Bookings Manager to be low, every endeavour will be made to offer delegates an alternative event booking at a nearby location. Another option would be to offer an e-learning course. If in the unlikely event that MBIT Training Ltd do decide to cancel a course and it was the ‘final run’ (this is where we have decided to no longer run classroom training for this particular course and version) then the Delegates will be provided with equivalent Virtual Training and any offset in cost refunded. This differs to our competitors some of whom do not offer refunds in these circumstances.

We publish course timetables for general guidance. These durations are typically developed by our content team in the preparation of lesson materials (for bespoke courses) and to ensure that each objective is covered in full. The pace of the course however may be difficult for a delegate who is new to the industry. We therefore ask the Bookings Manager to priorities the needs of the Delegate and to ensure that they have sufficient time to attend the entire course. If the Delegate cannot be released from work to attend the full course then we will not proceed with the booking. In the case of official courses, course timing is quite exact and is set by the vendor. This may not be altered, or reduced without the discretion of Provider Senior Management.

Any typographical errors, changes or omissions on the marketing literature, website content, company paperwork or any other correspondence we as an entity have with you as a Customer may be corrected at any time by MBIT Training Ltd. We kindly ask you to support us in ensuring that our information is correct. We encourage you to let us know if there is an error, omission or if something does not look right. As for pricing, where other providers guarantee the lowest price available, or indeed offer very high prices, we have very low overheads, so can afford to offer an affordable price. Our aim is to be engaged with as much IT and Project Management training in order to upskill the UK workforce and to help to change lives. We are not in the business of generating high and unjustified profits.

We operate from a number of business centres in each city, hiring the room for the training to take place. There may however be a need to change locations at short notice, such as if a meeting room is double-booked, or where there has been a mistake in making the room booking. We will always attempt to get another room in the same building but then if this is not possible will try to move the event to another suitable location commutable from the original venue. If this is not possible then the delegate will be added to another running of the same event at a nearby location in the near future, with the agreement of the Customer, or the booking will be refunded in full and without charges. This will also be arranged prior to the commencement of the course, however should there be a need to re-seat the training course mid-event, we will be happy to reimburse any out of pocket expenses for the remainder of the training event where the delegate can provide evidence of such additional expenses (e.g. bus ticket). The maximum value per delegate per day for such relocation amounts cannot exceed £5 per day.


Course Materials:


We will always ensure that you, the Customer have a copy of the course objectives. We will then arrange for a meeting or telephone conversation to discuss the requirements, to ensure that the course is a correct fit to CPD requirements and that the delegate is technically and academically ready to attend the course. It may be the case that the delegate may need to attend or to complete a pre-course questionnaire. The decision to proceed with the booking is the sole decision of the Bookings Manager and not that of the Customer (a Customer cannot insist to take a Delegate who is clearly not ready for the training which may be too complex for them). If the Delegate is approved to attend the course, booking process will be followed, monies taken and the course seat arranged. Where the Delegate is entitled to a copy of the course materials for the training event these can upon request be sent out in advance so that the Delegate can prepare for the course. It is the responsibility of the Delegate to provide to bring all materials with them to the training event – replacements will not be issued.


Non Attendance:


Non-attendance by a Delegate on the first day of the course will be deemed as a cancellation. We ask our trainers to report back the number and names of the Delegates who have arrived within the first 15 minutes of the course, by e-mail so that our team can liaise with the customer and to report absence. If the Delegate is booked onto a course and the delegate has been signed off sick and your Personnel department are aware we kindly ask that you make us aware that the Delegate will be unable to attend so that we can discuss the matter with you, the Customer and for us to determine if the Delegate should be re-scheduled onto an alternative course or to cancel the booking.


Course Suitability:


As discussed above, it is the responsibility of the Customer, in discussion with the Delegate and Personnel department to ensure that the Delegate is suitable to attend the course. We would ask that the decision involves our sales team who can advise, support and assist in the selection of appropriate materials and courses. Any recommendations we make are done so based on information that you provide to us. Where a Delegate is working towards a programme result we will refer you to the industry roadmap which details courses of action and training events to focus on.

We have noticed that from time to time some Delegates only work with part of a product, or service and that an organisation may decide to use a product or service in a way which was not intended, or recommended by the Vendor. We absolutely agree with and see it as our professional duty to impart and to support processes, information and techniques recommended by the Vendor (IAG). These comprise part of the training course and are absolutely essential to the Delegate completing and passing a related exam as the Vendor is checking that the Delegate is using the product, or service offered ‘correctly’ as the Vendor perceives it to be used. This has on some occasions led to confusion for the Delegate who has returned to work and explained a different process, method of working, or system which differs from organisational standards and processes. It is therefore important that the Customer realises that in such situations the Delegate must remain objective and respectful of the information the Vendor wishes to impart – it is up to the Customer and ultimately the Delegate to take on board and to use this information should they wish to do so. Internal processes and IAG which does not match with the aims of the IAG provided by the Vendor may cause conflict, or confusion for the Delegate, or for other Delegates and so we would ask that information provided from the Delegate during the training be aligned to Vendor IAG. Please also remember that the trainer and in fact MBIT Training Ltd as a Provider are merely 'conduits for learning' and as such are conveying vendor-provided information for the Delegates to use. We accept no liability caused by the Customer, or Delegate either choosing to use, or through their inaction having an operational or financial impact on the running of their business.

e.g. A large organisation decided to use a PKI infrastructure and involved Open Source software they were familiar with to support them in the use of their certificates. By not using the ‘Certification Manager’ supplied as part of the Server 2012 Operating System their certificates were not kept secure and when some certificates lapsed their system did not auto-generate new certificates or notify the team of lapsed certificates. As a result there were a few days of productivity loss while the problem was fixed. The staff in question had attended a training course discussing the correct implementation of PKI and decided not to use it.

Whilst the Bookings Manager has the responsibility to ensure that persons booked onto a course meet the requirements, this is only on the information provided in the pre-course questionnaire, or initial discussion with the Customer and Delegate. We will try not to mislead you but to give you options, should the course not be considered suitable for the Delegate.




All courses are delivered in English. If you require examination papers in another language, please notify us in the initial discussion, or at booking so that we can ensure that can be met. Where an exam is marked by the proctor, at the end of a course we will also ensure that the proctor has a version of the answer paper in the alternative language as well.

Delegates must be able to fully comprehend English at an advanced level and if taking a written exam must be able to write in English proficiently.


Philanthropic work:


Although we do not support any one social, political or other influencing party, we do actively engage in a global philanthropic project. You will notice that each MBIT laptop will run a screensaver when the device is not in use. Corporately, every device we manage is connected to the World Community Grid project (www.worldcommunitygrid.org). This is a philanthropic medical project where computing processing cycles are donated for the use of medical research. If you want to join the Grid and donate your processing cycles we do run a cluster on the WCG site and would be happy to accept members. No cost is attached for this and no pay-outs are provided by WCG. If you want to donate to this cause, please contact WCG directly, but we would be very interested to hear about your involvement with WCG.

This is our ultimate aim as a business: We are extremely interested in supporting social change and see IT and Project Management training as a conduit for change. We are extremely keen to work with public sector bodies, charities, community and regeneration projects, Youth Offending offices, Social Services offices, Healthcare Professionals, teachers and school / college / university students, also apprenticeship training providers to help to develop knowledge and skills across the UK.


Special Needs and Disability requirements:


If you have any special needs requirements (e.g. your Delegate is dyslexic) please do let us know. If the Delegate requires course materials to be printed in larger font, or to be printed onto coloured paper (e.g. light blue or cream) this can be arranged for bespoke material. Where courses use official textbooks, these cannot be reprinted on another colour (we will discuss options from the Vendor with you), but large font versions are available, as are braille copies. Please let us know in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

We can also lend gels to the delegate which can be used to colour each page as they read through a book. This plastic sheet often makes the page easier for the delegate to read.

If the delegate is sight or hearing-impaired and it would be helpful for them to relocate to be able to see the projected materials easier, this can be arranged. We will notify the trainer in advance if we are made aware of any requirements you might have.

For laptops, our laptops are fitted with two magnifier programs – Microsoft Magnifier and SysInternals ZoomIt. We also use the built-in Microsoft Text to Speech converter if needed.

If the Delegate is hard of hearing and has a hearing aid fitted, please notify us in advance and we will try to make arrangements with the meeting room provider to determine if a hearing loop system can be used. Most of our conference rooms used for training are fitted with such systems.

If the Delegate is physically disabled and it is necessary to hold the meeting in a ground-floor meeting room, please let us know and we will try to arrange this.




MBIT Training Ltd reserve the right to refuse admission to any person who cannot identify themselves as an expected Delegate to the course. The trainer has the right to refuse entry, or to ask a delegate to leave if their behaviour is deemed unprofessional. This can include (the list is not exhaustive):

•         Regular lateness, tardiness or disengagement with the course

•         Distracting others through conversation or by raising debate whilst the trainer is in charge of the session.

•         Swearing or the use of verbal abuse

•         Physical intimidation or threats of violence (perceived or actual).


Dependant of the severity of the concern on-site security, or even the police may be informed. We operate a zero-tolerance to bullying and must ensure the safety of our other delegates and our training staff.

If an individual has determined that an event is taking place but they are not booked onto the course, they will not be granted access to the training event. Access to a training event is only possible through engagement through the booking process and is at the discretion of the Bookings Manager.

Admission to an exam: You will be expected to sign in and to leave your belongings in a secured area. Please have 2 forms of official photographic identification available (e.g. passport and driving licence photo card).


Booking on behalf of the Delegate:


As a Customer, you are taking responsibility for booking a place for a named Delegate within your employ. If the Delegate, after acceptance is unable to attend, please do notify us. Any replacement Delegate has to also be vetted through the same pre-booking process and the Booking Manager reserves the right to refuse the replacement Delegate. If a replacement Delegate arrives ‘on the day’, replacing a vetted Delegate, the replacement Delegate will be refused entry to the course. The trainer will immediately notify our team who will call the Customer to determine if an accelerated assessment can be made. This is done outside of the training room, by phone call between the Bookings Manager and replacement Delegate. This will only take place where there are exceptional circumstances and we also have agreement from the Customer that the replacement Delegate is required to attend the event. The Customer must ensure that any information and course materials provided to the original Delegate are passed on to the replacement Delegate, along with any joining instructions. Where exams are booked a surcharge will be placed onto the company account to cover re-registration of the new Delegate. Please provide identification documents as required to ensure that the replacement Delegate can sit the exam. This process will need to happen quickly as there is usually a delay of several days before the exam provider registers the replacement Delegate. If it is not possible to register the Delegate for the exam within the same event, the Delegate will be advised as to when the next exam session will be taking place, allowing sufficient time for the exam vendor to register the replacement Delegate.


Onsite Training on Client Specified Site:


Where we are providing private, bespoke, on-site training, the Customer is responsible for the arrangement of facilities as follows:

•         Notification of internal security and the appropriation of day passes for training staff and proctors.

•         Booking of training rooms(s)

•         Booking of training computers (where supplied by the Customer)

•         Booking of lunch, or providing training and proctoring staff information as to canteen facilities whilst on-site.

•         Provision of visor parking for the training / proctoring staff.

If the trainer deems the environment to be unsuitable for training, MBIT Training Ltd reserve the right to cancel the event, add a surcharge for travel and expenses incurred by our staff for visiting the premises and also additional administrative time spent to find and to book a suitable off-site location and equipment.

For private on-site courses, Microsoft Official Courseware and other Vendor provided training course materials are used. The Customer takes responsibility for:

•slow laptops

•slow internet connection

•interruptions, disruptions and noise

•External problems (e.g. power outages or disruption to the training for a Delegate by the need to be excused to remediate an internal company task, or to attend a meeting)

We would ask that the Customer and their representing company respect the fact that the Delegate is attending a training course and to only contact them with work-related matters in the event of an emergency.


Public courses:


MBIT Training Ltd is a Microsoft Partner and holds relevant partner certifications, or works with partner training organisation who already hold Learning Partner status. In the case of the latter, training is offered 'co-branded'. Public courses are tightly bound to additional requirements. Microsoft Official Courses are to be conducted at an approved centre and authorised classroom with approved PCs. Public courses by their very nature cannot and will not be conducted on-site.


Courseware carriage costs:


If we are working outside of the UK we will need to send materials, courseware and resources to you. This may necessitate a surcharge to post to locations outside of the UK, however where possible we would ask our publishers to send the materials to you. This is often cheaper than re-posting them from the UK. Where certificates are to be sent to an address outside of the UK, we do need to first ratify the certificate, audit it in relation to the course and event and then send on the certificate. For this there will be a postage charge, although it is minimal.

All certificates will be provided to you as digital copies. In fact for the Microsoft Official Curriculum, MTA and Certiport-based certificates the delegate is responsible for managing their own online account where they can request certificates and obtain a copy of the online certificate and transcript. MBIT Training Ltd has no involvement in the downloading of such certificates but can assist and advise in how to obtain these from the vendors.

Additional or replacement copies (digital or hard copy) of certificates will incur an administration charge. This is at the discretion of our administrative team. Please do request replacement certificates as soon as you realise that they are needed as unclaimed certificates are held by the exam provider only for a limited time.


Copyright and Intellectual Property:


In order to use materials provided by vendors MBIT Training Ltd has subscribed to partner reseller programs appropriate to the content required. Our trainers hold relevant certification and experience as determined by our quality team. Our trainer are also active Microsoft Certified Trainers (necessary for the delivery of Microsoft Official and Academic Courseware programmes at our partner centres. MOC and MOAC training is offered in partnership with existing CPLS Microsoft Learning partners).


MBIT Training Ltd is also a Microsoft Partner, a Certiport partner and a VMEdu partner (at the time of writing).

All intellectual property for all materials used by MBIT Training Ltd which is outside of the above and therefore not provided as part of official courseware remains the property of MBIT Training Ltd. The Customer and Delegate, plus any associated third parties connected with training events whether on-site, public or online, agree to not reproduce, re-sell, copy or otherwise provide to another party any or all of the course materials. Delegates may only use the materials for the purpose of personal reference for an agreed timescale. For online resources these may be time-limited

Non approved materials, especially live exam questions not provided by the Vendor or a trusted practice test provider (e.g. Pearson group: Measureup) will not be tolerated. The trainer has the authority to dismiss any Delegate they suspect be using, or distributing unapproved materials which could jeopardise the integrity of the Provider. In this case, the Delegate will be removed from class immediately, the Customer informed of the incident and the Delegate refused any further training. In the case of dismissal from the training course, a refund will not be issued and the Provider will take action to report the matter to the Vendor and refuse to accept any further training requests from the Customer.


Damages and liability:


MBIT Training Ltd.’s liability for loss or damage shall be limited to a claim for damages. This claim is limited solely to the training event connected to the loss / damage. We would ask all Delegates to refrain from horseplay or any activities which would put themselves at risk. We do not take responsibility for injury or death caused as a result of any actions undertaken solely by the Delegate. The Delegate is a responsible person being taught in a public place, or where on-site Customer company Health and Safety regulations still apply. For off-site classroom training, we would remind Delegates that upon entry to the property, the meeting room provider do issue any health and safety notification specific to the location

In order to stay safe and to be kept informed, our trainer will notify all Delegates at the very start of training the locations of the restrooms, canteen area, emergency exits and egress points, fire muster points (outside of the building) and also if and when a fire alarm test is scheduled

All of our laptops provided for our courses are virus-scanned. At the end of each course the hard drive is wiped and a clean image is re-installed. Each course image has been checked for viruses. Any viruses introduced onto the laptops therefore would not have been present at the start of the course and can only have been added by malicious or suspect activity on the part of the Delegate. Where this is the case, the Delegate may be removed from the course, the Customer notified and a surcharge for repairing the laptop sent to the Customer. Each laptop will be wiped at the end of the course and all data stored on it will be removed as part of the process. Where we deem that the Delegate was attempting to undermine or sabotage the course, the matter will be reported to the Bookings Manager who will discuss the incident with the Customer

Laptops and other personal equipment provided to deliver the training considered to be a company asset has been PAT tested.


Personal Belongings:


All personal belongings taken to the course are solely the responsibility of the owner. Neither the venue management team not MBIT Training Ltd are responsible for any loss, tampering or moving of items. Any suspicious activity should be reported to both our staff and the venue team where appropriate action will be taken.


e-Learning/Online Learning:


Please note that access to online resources is managed by the fair usage policy of the venue provider. This is particularly important when we operate classes using virtual labs. Please note that bandwidth restrictions imposed by the venue provider are outside of our control, however every effort has been taken to attempt to secure sufficient data transfer rights for the course to operate effectively

Access to online products is granted for a defined period as stipulated in the logon email the delegate will have received. This is a different duration from each of our partner providers

If necessary we can obtain extensions, however a cost may be attached. Please discuss the need for an extension with the Booking Manager by email to sales@mbittrainingltd.com

Please note that online materials are managed by our third party providers. We cannot accept the responsibility for the accuracy of any materials provided, however we selected the provider after research into which providers gave the best materials to support learning towards passing the relevant exa.

As detailed above, we do not have any business with providers who attempt to break exam regulations, or provide ‘brain dumps’ of live questions. If you suspect any malpractice please contact our offices immediately by email at sales@mbittrainingltd.com and our quality team will investigate the matter and provide you with alternative materials

Remember: ‘Braindumping’ is not allowed. If you are caught cheating you may be stripped of your credentials by the exam vendor and barred from retaking any exams from this vendor.


Non Solicitation:


Quite often our delegates have had an excellent experience and have established a rapport with their trainer. While this is great news, we are concerned that our trainers do get approached to work for other rival training companies, or ‘headhunted’ to work for you in an unofficial, or informal basis. We ask that you hold a moratorium for the 6 months following the invoice date (connecting on a personal or friendship basis on Facebook or LinkedIn is between both of you and is not really what we are discussing here. In fact please do feel free to report any good experiences you have had online). Any work you may wish the trainer to do directly for you (e.g. as a consultant, or programmer) be contracted to start after 6 months have elapsed.

We recognise that the loss of such a valuable member of our team would have a serious impact for the company. However, we will review any breaches of moratorium on a per case basis. Where this has led to the direct loss of our staff member, subcontracting trainer or representative to your organisation we will be entitled to recover a solicitation fee which may be as high as up to 30% of the gross annual salary for the employee in question. Naturally this is on a per-case basis and the figures quoted in this section are for illustrative purposes only.


Force Majeure:


There are times when the normal flow of life is affected by events and circumstances outside of our direct control. We will not be in breach of this agreement if the services and products offered cannot be acted upon or are affected in part by any of the following (not exclusive) list of events which may sometimes occur, deemed Acts of God:

•         Fire

•         Flood

•         Earthquake

•         Terrorist attack / hostile action irrespective of if war has been declared / Declared War

•         Snow / Blockage

•         Embargo

•         Strike action / labour disruption

•         Transport disruption

•         Utilities / telephony / internet service provider failure


All of these events will be counted as best we possibly can but may cause a rescheduling of the event. We would in these situations ask both parties (delegate and us) to be responsible for meeting our own costs.


Privacy Policy:


MBIT Training Ltd is committed to retaining your privacy. We will keep on record for purposes of sales analysis and financial purposes (e.g. tax and VAT) any data on courses and materials you have bought from us but also your buying habits and purchase interests. It would be helpful to us if we can work transparently with your Personnel team and Customer to ensure that we are offering support and advice regarding your purchases.


We do not disclose your personal information to third party organisations. For the purposes of reporting both internally and summative reporting to exam vendors and courseware vendors, we may report how many units of each course / book were sold so that they can determine which are considered currently popular.

To be absolutely clear, do not sell your personal information to third parties. We also do not disclose your credit card or bank details to third parties. We only keep the portions of data required for a transaction and cannot 'replay' transactions by reusing your personal bank or card details as we do not hold all of the required information to do so. Financial data is kept in a secure cloud data store, quality managed and protected. Our cloud service provider currently is supplied by and legally managed by Amazon Web Services. Data held is under the jurisdiction of UK law.

MBIT Training Ltd does not have control of how banks we make purchases to and from may make use of the transactional data, or how this information is used.

Regarding the website, a customer must register with valid information in order to make a purchase on the website. There is however no requirement to register before discussing your requirements with our sales team.

Upon occasion our marketing team may request your consent to take photographs of any training events and other campaigns we are currently running. We will not use any photo or quotation without your express (written or email) consent. Course and product reviews are monitored and vetted by our marketing team. Where we consider the review to be unfair, biased or detrimental to our business without justification we reserve the right to delete the review.

Delegates are not permitted to take any video/photography/audio during the course. This in particular includes the recording of virtual labs for later viewing. If this activity is reported to us the training will be cancelled and the Customer will be asked to pay for the training in full as a penalty. We will however at this point provide (at a cost to the Customer) e-learning or access to the relevant virtual labs.


Security and Encryption:


Email: Our email system is cloud-based. Security and encryption is provided by our host providers. Our provider is Google Internet Authority G2. Our certificate is valid, using SHA1 RSA encryption using a 256-bit public key.

For financial transactions and accounting: Our provider uses industry standard security measures to keep your data safe at all times. In fact we’re the only accounting system to offer 2-factor authentication similar to that used by the banks. The provider security certificate is trusted and provided by Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority – G2, using SHA256 RSA and a 2048 bit public key.

The website is public and not secured by certificate, however from the checkout process onwards, the transaction is managed by a secure PayPal API or WorldPay API.


Intellectual Property:


This website and all of MBIT Training Ltd.’s materials are protected by international copyrights, trademarks and subject to intellectual property rights. Use of logos, third-party content and reseller information is therefore done so under licence. Therefore all intellectual property belongs to MBIT Training Ltd, its related companies, its affiliates or suppliers.


You may not copy, sell, reproduce, distribute, download, modify, display or prepare derivative works based on, repost, transmit or otherwise use any of the intellectual property of this site. The information on this site is provided “as is” and without any warranties. MBIT Training Ltd does not accept responsibility of content of any third party sites that maybe referenced by us.


The following activities are strictly prohibited: use of robots, other automatic device or manual process to monitor or copy the site of any of its content or the replication of this site to any server. Audio or video recording of courses and materials stored on this site or partner sites is not permitted.




We work very hard to try to get things right. In the unfortunate occasion where Customer or Delegate expectations are met it is important to keep a good line of communication with all affected parties. We are happy to work with all parties to remediate and if possible to resolve the issue, but to do so without loss to any of the parties affected. Complaints are handled seriously by our team and an independent member of staff not connected with the booking will carry out an investigation and will speak with all parties to determine what happened and how the matter may be resolved.


The Customer has protected rights as a consumer which protect them in the following cases:


1. If the training event does not go ahead and have already paid they can ask for monies to be re-deployed and for delegates to be booked onto a future event. If this is not possible a refund will be provided in due course.

2. If the training materials do not arrive MBIT Training Ltd cover the costs to ensure that replacement materials are sent. With online learning we will work with vendor partner providers to issue new accounts where this is possible.

3. If the training event was not completely delivered then we can offer alternative resources or e-learning to cover any learning gaps.


The Customer and also the Delegate however do not have the right to expect an automatic refund if the course was not to their satisfaction. Given the sensitive nature of Technical and Management training some concepts and best practice provided by the vendors will be at odds with current Customer working practice. It is therefore important that the Customer and Delegate accept the factual and objective nature of the course and fully appreciate that the material offered by the vendor is provided with IAG from them, on an 'as is' basis.


For example, a programming course may use third party code which has been updated since the course was originally written. Delivery can therefore use only code provided.


The focus of the training session will be to provide concepts and to illustrate these are best we possibly can with the materials which have been provided to us. We are not responsible for any changes to third-party materials and therefore can only deliver the courseware on an 'as is' basis as provided by the Vendor. We constantly communicate with the Vendor and feed back any issues encountered. Our trainers work hard to try to resolve any issues if they do surface.

For training providers:

As a corporate company we are pleased to work with a variety of UK Training providers. However, as with all other corporate customers we have very clear and precise Terms and Conditions we would ask you to abide to:

1. You must have a registered Corporate account with us, otherwise you will be treated as an individual customer and expected to pay upfront via Worldpay (various mechanisms) or Paypal.
2. You must surrender company address details, a company account number, VAT (UK) number, the name and rank of the indiviual responsible for managing invoices and to confirm to these. We will send your Financial controller an email giving them access to our QuickFile corporate page for your company where you can access your account, outstanding balance, invoices, estimates and also to message our finance team.

NB: The finance team are located on a separate email address, not sales@mbittrainingltd.com

3. Our terms of business for all customers is 14 days, which gives us sufficient time to:

i) Locate a venue and book the room for training to take place.
ii) ready any laptops / software required for the course.
iii) Register the course with our vendor (e.g. Microsoft)
iv) Register the course so that the course start date is known to our vendor. (Our vendors (e.g. Microsoft) watch the delivery closely and want to know how it is going. We are in regular contact with them on our progress and for this they give us access to (for Microsoft online labs, as of 1/1/2017) 21 days from the start date of the course.
v) Book a venue and ensure that it is fit for purpose, including wi-fi speed and firewall security tests.

DISCLAIMER: If we are not paid within time we can choose to:

1. Cancel the booking at take the matter to a third party claims specilaist, or small-claims court.
2. Continue the booking on the hope that, upon negotiation the booking is fully paid by the end of the course.
3. Provide a payment strategy if we know that circumstances have changed for the client since the booking was originally made. However the client must provide us with substantial proof of a change of significant circunstances which will go to panel at MBIT and only on a sucessful outcome and where there is merit on granting and extension will one be offered.

Any adaptations of these regulations are only at the request of escalation to the Managing Director.

M Bennett - Director, MBIT Training Ltd, (c) 2017.