MBIT Training Packages

MBIT Training Packages

In order to help you to determine the best option for you, here are details of the different packages and terminology we use:

Public deliveries

At this current time, MBIT Training Ltd currently do not operate public courses. A Public course is defined as one available to members of the public, at an advertised location and date.

Private deliveries

MBIT Training Ltd’s courses are typically private offerings. Customers might be independent, or may represent a company (e.g. HR Manager or IT Manager) wanting training for their team.

Training locations

We have a variety of locations across the UK, but typically offer the training package on-site, for corporate customers. Where this is not possible (e.g. security clearance) we conduct the training on-line, at an agreed designated meeting room at a third-party centre (e.g. Basepoint, Regus or other provider).

On-site delivery

We are extremely flexible – we are able to offer a training package on-site to any company across the UK. We are happy deliver the course to a class as small as just one person! Where possible and especially for corporate customers, we provide a seat price discount. Please contact our sales team for details.

Virtual classroom

We are currently offering training across all countries, not just for the UK. This is done by delivering the training package using a virtual classroom environment (e.g. Cisco WebEx session, or Appear.In). Here, the session is streamed directly to the group, or to the individual delegate.

At present MBIT Training Ltd’s focus is on classroom delivery where the session is managed by an experienced Microsoft Certified Trainer who can set the pace, add anecdotal and their experience to support the training programme.


We are currently planning e-learning packages for the MTA and CompTIA courses, also creating our own content, working on MBIT-own versions of the Microsoft Official Courseware. With e-learning, you learn at your own pace and at times that suit you.

Blended Learning

We are very happy to offer a mixture of video training, interactive quizzes and simulations along with delivery from a Microsoft Certified Trainer. We run these in a variety of scenarios:

  1.        On-site training using Microsoft video training content, online labs and a Microsoft Certified Trainer present to facilitate the session.
  2.        Off-site training using a virtual classroom environment.
  3.        Self-taught training where the delegate works through the video training and content at their own pace with access to an available Microsoft Certified Trainer remotely to answer any questions that you might have on the course material.

Delivery aim

We often receive queries from customers interested in only a part of one of our training courses and wishing us to offer just the areas they are interested in. Our agenda is to provide training to our customers with a view to taking the related certification exam. For this reason, we offer the training programme in its entirety and with an aim to get the delegates certification-ready.

Microsoft Dynamics training

As of October 2018, Dynamics courses using products labelled as 2009 or 2012 such as Dynamics AX 2012 (courses starting with course code 80000 – 80545) are no longer available.

As of October 2018, our focus is on the newer Dynamics products which are based on and prepare our customers to be certification-ready for the latest versions of the Dynamics suite of applications. These especially include AX on-premises, Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations and the new Dynamics 365 Sales & Marketing.

We recognise that most companies use a variety of third-party products alongside their Dynamics suite. However, the intention is to rely on other Microsoft products and all delivery has this in mind. Therefore, we will refer to SSRS, SharePoint, Management Reporter, Power BI and other Microsoft systems and not third-party software.

NB: For enterprise customers wishing to undertake Dynamics 365 training we would ask that you arrange a sandbox environment with your Microsoft reseller prior to the training event.